Portal Update - Auditing Enhancements

Portal Update - Auditing Enhancements

Portal Update - Auditing Enhancements

Michael Campbell

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Auditing your completed work has never been easier in the Gas Tag Portal. Our latest update brings in some improvements to our auditing function, if you’re a current user of our auditing feature then these enhancements will make life easier as you continue on your compliance journey. If this feature is new to you then here is how easy it is to get stuck in and begin.

Audit Pref.png

Simply set up your auditing policy

To begin auditing you navigate to your landlord preferences and select the document auditing tab as pictured. In this tab, you can simply select the types of document you would like to audit and also set the percentage of audits within your portal preferences. For example, if your policy was to conduct a 10% audit of LGSR across your stock, the portal would randomly send one in every 10 completed LGSRs to your auditing area for review. 

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Starting an audit

Once you have set your policy for auditing, the relevant documents are generated and sent to the audits tab; ready for your assigned auditor to begin inspecting.

As part of our recent improvements these documents can be audited in bulk by selecting the checkboxes on the left and choosing "start auditing" from the dropdown, once a document is started it is automatically assigned to the auditor.

We have also made the audit button much clearer to make this easier.



LGSR Fail.png

Reviewing Audits

Once you have accepted and started an audit, you will be able to see the relevant document along with a new and improved collapsable menu with all the relevant details of the job. In this menu there are four main sections: 

  1. Job information - type of job, date of the job, the responsible engineer and the address.
  2. Issues - this details any outstanding issues on the document in question, for example the document has not been emailed to a tenant. To resolve issues you can often click the issue raised for further information and rectify via the portal.
  3. Appliances - further details and pictures of the corresponding appliances on the document are available in this tab.
  4. Document Pass/Fail - here you can pass or fail the audit and then tag the reasons why you’re failing the audit, these tags make it easier for you to filter and identify the most common failure reasons. You can also add live comments, and document any remedial actions required.

Watch our webinar back

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    Auditing enhancements webinar

    Watch back as our Customer Success Manager, Effie Simmons, explains how to make the most of our new portal auditing improvements.

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