The power of collecting data

The power and impact of collecting data

The power and impact of collecting data

A few weeks ago Inside Housing used data taken from our Portal to put a spotlight on the challenges our clients, and the wider housing sector, are facing when attempting to access properties. 

Thanks to the information collected by engineers through our app, Gas Tag clients have more data than ever before and this can be used to help them work more efficiently. Our product allows them to transform how they look at compliance and move away from archaic processes and instead to proactive ways of working.

The recent increase in failed access attempts due to COVID-19 and the launch of our isolation reporting functionality is a perfect example of how our clients can use our data to work smarter. 

The data used for this blog post is aggregated and not specific to one client. 

Screenshot 2020-05-05 at 13.50.22.png

UTA rates before UK lockdown

In the months before the UK Government announced social distancing measures, access rates were pretty stable at 80%. Occasionally, access rates would fall a couple of percentage points below but there were no major changes. 

Screenshot 2020-05-05 at 14.39.27.png

UTA rates following UK Gov lockdown announcements

In the weeks that followed the Government announcement, there was a sharp increase in UTAs as residents began to self isolate. The graph below shows how from w/c 23 March, UTA rates jumped to a high of 46%

Screenshot 2020-05-05 at 15.06.06.png (1)

UTA access rates in April

We introduced our COVID-19 functionality to help our clients mark failed access attempts where the resident was self-isolating. As with any new functionality, it took time for engineers to start using it and this meant that there will have been some cross over in the figures for IUTA and UTA. Nevertheless, the graph below shows that IUTA was the reason behind over half of the failed access attempts.

Our System Mockup - Tha App.png

Why is all of this information powerful for our clients? 

Housing Plus Group used the information to segment its properties and ensure that they didn’t waste valuable resources on attempting to access a property during the isolation period. Instead, the team at HPG used the data available in the portal to maximize their operational effectiveness at a crucial time.

This is just one example of how our data is being used by clients to transform their compliance processes and work more efficiently. As we develop more products and collect more and more information, our clients will be able to make smarter decisions on their work programmes, from repairs to boiler replacements, meaning they can save money and keep residents safe. 

Capturing more than compliance

Housing providers can now use Gas Tag technology to capture a range of compliance tasks through our new product, Property Services. This includes reporting on isolation and shielding like the example above. 

Users of Property Services can build a comprehensive database of all work that is completed at each property and store it in one easy to manage portal. This data can then be used for reports and decision making, meaning that providers can work more efficiently than ever before. 

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