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Fire Door

Simply monitor and manage your fire doors.

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Introducing Fire Door

Our Fire Door product gives you total transparency on their fire door stock with real-time, standardised data capture on door inspections, installations and repairs. This impartial compliance data provides improved risk management, detailed asset condition reporting and much more, read on to find out how it all works.

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Set up your inspection plan

Our portal enables you to simply roll out and manage your three month, six month or annual fire door inspection regime. Notifying you when services are required and helping you keep your managed properties to a strict and compliant servicing cycle.

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Install the Tag

Installing a Tag assigns a unique ID to your property. Your Inspectors taps their smartphone against the Tag to sign in to the property and begin their work. The Tag enables you to effectively capture the time, date and location of all works.

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Record inspection and ensure best practice

We've worked closely with housing and fire professionals to develop a best practice method of inspections, installation, and repair.

Your inspector uses our app to record important information around your fire door stock and is prompted to follow the best practice process. This ensures that you receive high-quality data and stock information from every inspection.

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Report on compliance and stock condition

A wealth of accurate data surrounding your fire door stock is available for you to report on. This can be used to measure performance, analyse trends and ensure your compliance.

Key Features

Here are just some of the key features of Fire Door.

  • Only allow selected inspectors to record work
  • Audit trail of attempted access
  • Compliance records stored for desktop audits
  • Real-time issue notifications
  • Collect data around stock condition
  • Follow a best practice workflow

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