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Consistency is Key

Our system is used by large housing providers to ensure that work is completed to the same consistent high standard. We give you real-time visibility, where previously there was none. This enables you to easily identify issues and keep a close eye on your compliance.


Real-time data all in one place

Many housing providers use multiple systems to capture a range of information. This makes it difficult to locate and gather the important data that will help inform your decision making. Our system presents a simple way to centralise all of your compliance and asset data, at the touch of a button you can instantly generate up to the second, accurate reports and identify problem areas to improve performance.


“Not only does X Tag give us assurance that things are being done the right way, extending the life time of our stock, but it also provides a full picture of each property. This data helps us with our planned programmes and allocation of budget.”

Dan Timmis,
Asset Manager, Housing Plus Group
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Improve Your Governance

Meet your regulatory requirements and exceed expectations using X Tag. Our user-friendly system delivers greater visibility of your portfolio than ever before. Enabling you to deliver a premium, standardised service and ensuring that all of your managed homes are compliant and safe. 


Easy MOT style servicing

You can join a growing number of providers benefiting from a change to an MOT style servicing regime. All it takes is a click of a button inside the X Tag Portal for you to start saving.

How we can help you

Our system is the future of safety and compliance. Saving time, saving costs, saving lives. With our system you can:

  • Standardise your servicing across all properties
  • Instant implementation of MOT Style Servicing & Save costs
  • Accurate, granular data of assets to inform decision making
  • Transparency and accountability for work conducted
  • Safer Tenants
  • Simply Integrate into existing Systems

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