App update - September 2020

App update - September 2020

App update - September 2020

Guy Murphy

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A host of new functionality

Our latest app update is one of our biggest yet with a host of new features to help your operatives work effectively and efficiently.

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New warning messages

We have added new functionality to the app that will enable warning messages to be displayed if an operative inputs unusual information outside of what the app is expecting. This will help prevent incorrect data being captured and flag any potential dangerous test results.


Multi-tag a property

As we expand into more compliance areas and add new features to our product operatives might need to install multiple tags within a property. The new multi-tag feature will cover compliance type tags and also individual asset tagging.

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UTA meter readings

We have added a new meter reading function to allow operatives to capture data from external meters when they are at a failed access attempt. This allows our clients to see if gas is being used between access attempts.

The functionality also includes the ability to capture photographic evidence.

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Multi-fuel view in the planner

Operatives are now able to easily identify the fuel type for a job in the planner.


Alarm management

We’ve revamped how alarms are managed in our system. Previously, alarms were linked to gas compliance but are now listed as separate assets linked to individual property. This change allows any operative to check the alarm, including on non-gas properties.


Small changes and bug fixes

  • Revamped Fire Door workflow to make it clearer
  • Made it easier for operatives to reselect a card
  • Added an error message to flag when a user selects refresh while offline
  • Small bug fixes to improve day-to-day running of the app

Guy Murphy

Guy Murphy

PR and Communications Manager