Fire Door Case Study

Managing inspections more efficiently with Fire Door

Managing inspections more efficiently with Fire Door

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Transforming fire safety

Exit Fire Safety was one of the first contractors to start using our Fire Door product when it launched at the start of the year. We caught up with Keith Hall, Managing Director, to discuss how our technology is enabling him to manage fire safety more efficiently and effectively. 

Keith said: “Before Fire Door became available on the market, our only method of collecting data around fire door stock was via excel type spreadsheets or bespoke one-off reports; neither of which provided us with a cost-effective or timely way of carrying out our work.

“However, since implementing Fire Door we have been able to reduce inspection times and improve data collection. This is thanks to the app which operatives use when completing an inspection, installation, or service. 

“Since implementing Fire Door we have been able to reduce inspection times and improve data collection.”

Keith Hall,
Managing Director
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Enabling quality data collection

“Operatives follow a simple step by step flow when carrying out their work, which makes their job quicker. The data that they input into the app is then sent back in real-time to the housing provider’s portal where it stored and accessible for their compliance team to view at any time. This allows us to inspect more doors as we don’t have to deal with paperwork.

“By having the inspection history of their doors accessible, both ourselves and the provider are also able to carry out desktop audits and spot any emerging trends. 

“Most importantly, the app workflow follows all of the approved repair techniques used by FDIP or BMTRADA trained inspectors. This gives us the assurance that the work is being completed to a high standard and that we are meeting our regulatory and legislative requirements.”

To find out more about Fire Door and how it could help you manage and monitor your fire door safety, visit our product page.

Key benefits

Fire Door has been developed in partnership with the industry to make sure that it supports organisations to work more efficiently and effectively.

  • Monitor all fire door inspections
  • Simply implement a three month inspection programme
  • Record unable to access and reasons for not inspecting
  • Conduct desktop audits using detailed photographic evidence
  • Follow a best practice workflow
  • Identify main defects and reasons for repair
Guy Murphy

Guy Murphy

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