MOT Style Servicing - Have you started saving?

MOT Style Servicing - Have you started saving?

MOT Style Servicing - Have you started saving?

Michael Campbell

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The introduction of MOT

It’s been over two years since the introduction of regulation 36A to the Gas Safety (installation and use) Regulations (better known as MOT style gas servicing) and many landlords are yet to implement the change which could save them time, money and potentially improve their compliance.  


What is MOT style servicing?

In short, adopting MOT style gas servicing  allows engineers to visit a property any time between 10 and 12 months since the last annual gas safety check while still retaining the original service date. This means that the 12 month clock on your next service does not reset as soon as your engineer completes the required Landlord Gas Safety Record. Without MOT style servicing in place, you could potentially be shortening your gas safety service cycle by two months each year, losing time and incurring costs.


Reducing cost and improving efficiency

“We estimate on average a 10,000 property landlord that hasn't adopted an MOT style policy could be conducting 1,666 additional services and losing around £83,000 annually.”

Morgan Lambert,
Leading Gas Safety Experts
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Keeping Residents Informed and reducing failed access

Another benefit of MOT style servicing is that it allows you to bring in an annual recurring date for gas servicing. By retaining the same date for residents, housing providers are able to engage residents early on in the cycle and ensure access is possible.

A challenge to implement change? Implementing MOT has never been easier.

Maybe you were previously considering a change to MOT but haven’t found time due to the COVID backlog, it could be that you deprioritised MOT because it seems too complex a change within your existing processes and legacy systems? We can assure you getting MOT style gas servicing up and running can be much easier than you might think. In fact, it’s just a click of a button away within the X Tag portal.

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