Portal Update - Risk Management Improvements

Portal Update - Risk Management Improvements

We've added a number of improvements in our latest portal release.

Portal Update - Risk Management Improvements

Unsafe Widget.png

Unsafe Widget

The unsafe widget has been developed to highlight any assets that have been marked as unsafe during the previous visit to a property. 

If a property has an asset marked as unsafe then the property will also be marked as unsafe. It's important to note that there may be more than one asset in a property marked as unsafe.

Unsafe .png

Improvements to unable to access (UTA)

We have introduced the ability for users to view UTAs on individual fire doors. 

UTAs will now also be linked to relevant missed appointments, meaning that users can fully manage their appointment process with the Portal. 


X Tag UTA.png

Improved contractor visibility

We’ve introduced a new contractor column to the service date page. This enables housing providers who have multiple contractors to clearly display which jobs are to be carried out by which contractor. 

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Gas Council Number Display

We will now display the Gas Council Number in the appliance details next to the appliance image when viewing appliance history.


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